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Cranial Nerves: Anatomical-Clinical Study

Presented clearly and objectively, the book has a review of the cranial nerves, which motivates curiosity to better understand its pathology. What comes next establishes the proper classification of the cranial nerves. The subsequent chapters show, in an orderly and didactic way, the XII pairs of cranial nerves, with their anatomical peculiarities, their relations with other nervous structures and the different clinical syndromes that arise from the involvement of cranial nerves by different etiological agents. All special attention is given to the study of the semioficial of each cranial nerve, with the description of the signs that characterize it.


For those who like pest masks.
This is a collection of Plague Doctor cosplay photos from Japanese cos-player “Nitsuke”, who works as Plague Doctor on Twitter and at various events.

Dense forest, humid air, abandoned buildings.

The doctor travels through the remains of a civilization that is now forgotten, in the depths of an isolated mountain.
This photo book is taken in a completely outdoor scene, different from the usual studio photography!
Enjoy the natural scenery that makes you feel peaceful and lonely, and the emotional, mysterious and nostalgic landscapes created by the plague doctor who is there.

This book serves the purpose of reinforcing the concepts of defining the best segmented medical profiles who should be accessed in the CRMs of your Sales Force Representatives.

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In addition, it brings to light the values ​​and responsibilities, as well as the pleasures and challenges of these who belong to this select group of Sales Force professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry, who represent the pulsating heart of this industry.

One of the characteristics highlighted here is the constant exercise of humility and discretion, factors that are preponderant and defining for the professionals who actually carry the piano and cooperate for the good performance of the company, culminating in the achievement of their strategies.

Often unnoticed, the Productivity or Effectiveness departments are responsible for monitoring the metrics, motivating the teams, and contributing to the achievements in a proactive way. In line with the Marketing department, they develop tactics that will be implemented in the field by all Reps and accompanied by their respective managers. slots på nätet

When continuing with the Medical Panel theme, I take into account the relevance and responsibility of the Sales Force team in maintaining the medical profiles registered in their SFE, considering several relevant aspects.

Those basic approaches that Pharmaceutical Industry Representatives used to take in the past, such as: ‘Doctor, can you help me this month with this product?’ They are no longer so relevant and so little effective, are they? The dynamics of the sales process has changed in the Pharmaceutical Industry! casino online español

The Pharmaceutical Industry at a global level, remains focused on the Sales Force in order to prepare it to conquer, shield its seeking partnerships. Obviously, I am not only referring to the commercial model, today the sales model challenges updated technological knowledge, including the use of Social Networks on a daily basis, as well as the use of virtual visits.

But with what effect and at what price? machines à sous

The laboratories’ desire to maximize contacts with Doctors through their Sales Forces has required keeping them fully prepared. This involves not only turning them into researchers or specialists in sales and data capture.

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Understanding how technology can empower the Sales Force is broader than simply converting medical contacts into prescription and sales opportunities.

It probably keeps up to date on how the Pharmaceutical Industry market becomes omniscient from the various tools available, where the most basic focus on self-service, providing contact management with automation solutions.

This perception and need for action does not change, whether it is here in Brazil, in all of Latin America, in North America, or even in Europe and Asia.

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